monitored…LIAM HOWLETT

liamhowlett (Medium)Liam Howlett the founding member of The Prodigy has recently installed Unity Audio Boulder active 3 way monitors and the new Unity Audio Avalanche active 12” sub-woofer in his London Studio.

The 3 way active Boulders have custom discrete E.A.R designed amplifiers in a sealed enclosure with 2x ELAC 6.5” woofers and a ELAC 5”dual concentric midrange & 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter for fast, tight and brutally honest detailed reproduction. The Avalanche has a 12” downward firing woofer for low centre of gravity to reduce vibration and movement. The sealed cabinet has aperiodic vent feeding a second chamber to achieve a flat response down to 22Hz. Controls include crossover presets for Rock and Boulders as well as variable Low & High pass filters for custom setting with Unity Audio products, or with other manufactures. A wired foot-switch is also included to bypass the Avalanche and route full frequency back to the satellite monitors.


The Prodigy have been credited as pioneers of the big beat genre with their unique sound blending rave, hardcore techno, industrial, with electronic rock and punk. They have sold over 25 million records worldwide and won numerous awards including two Brit Awards – winning Best British Dance Act twice, three MTV Video Music Awards, two Kerrang! Awards, five MTV Europe Music Awards and two Grammy nominations.

„These Boulders and Avalanche fucking rock it for me! No technical bollox needs to be said here… I like to write loud and these deliver what I need for this new Prodigy record“

Liam Howlett – The Prodigy


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